Thursday, February 25, 2010

News of March 3, 1944

Been remiss in posting these. It looks like there's over a year's worth, but the paper is so fragile flipping through to get a full count can destroy them.

The first page is a recap of a meeting between producers and the union. Most of it is a recap of grievances against and by Leon Schlesinger.

Some friction involved union members returning from military duty. Fred Quimby assured work for them all.

There's an interesting dynamic surrounding management/labor and the war. Both the union and management are jockeying to use WWII as a mean to exert their positions -either by complaining about the output of wartime workers or by expanding their membership with these workers.

Page two recaps the "state of the union" at the various Hollywood shops. Disney, MGM, Schlesinger (not yet WB), Screen Gems, Lantz, George Pal, Lou Bunin, and Plastic.

Page three runs down a few comings and goings from studios and births and marriages.

Also two cryptic notes about the general labor situation in Los Angeles. For details on these, see Tom Sito's well researched booked on Hollywood Animation Labor history.

Also of interest to many -the notice of a performance by Ward Kimball and "The Huggageedy Eight" at the Norco Navel Hospital. Also on the bill was the Bandolau Group, a Brazilian band, then recording for Disney.

Page four set forth new rules for meetings. Interesting for anyone involved in with rules of procedure.


Unknown said...

How did you come across this document. Would there be a way to see a bigger, higher resolution of the newsletter, specifically page 3?

roconnor said...


I've moved all of this blog to here:

This is the full scan. I'm happy to scan at higher resolution and email it to you.

Ed Smith, who edited the East Coast newsletter for many years, gave me his stash of old ones.