Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uphill Battle

We're having a little trouble with this walk.

Doug Compton did the animation. Its an 18 drawing cycle.

He's going up a low inclined hill.

I think we need to pull his weight down here. Probably add an inbetween or two.

Here's another contact point. More weight.

Also, maybe he should have a walking stick.

Then there's always the problem of "too many drawings". Yes, it's important that the animation be nice -but is it worth spending three or four days on this one shot when there are hundreds of other scenes (many with more important narrative points)?


Hutch said...

should he be rising more after those moments of contact? it seems like while walking up a hill, you'd get more of a rise at those moments. But I'm only commenting since you asked! I think it's poetic and lovely.

Liesje said...

You're right to want more weight on point of contact, but I think maybe a little bit of stress moving out of the contact position might help, into the 'up position'.

Just my two cents...