Friday, October 23, 2009

More Interesting Things By Others

Our friend and neighbor Bill Plympton has posted an animatic of his new short film.

He's open to suggestions for a title.


Almost forgot this one.

Laurent Cilluffo started work on this in 1999 and finished it seven years later. It just made it online two weeks ago.

He writes that there are a few things he would do differently, but to me the singular design overcomes any animation shortcomings.

We worked with Laurent and his wife Valerie for several years at The Ink Tank.


Pete Sluszka, who worked as an animator on "I Spy" produced by The Ink Tank, was one of four directors to make animation for The Decemberists "The Hazards of Love" "rock opera".

Foremost, it's not an opera. You know what makes something an opera? It's performed in an opera house or an opera company. That simple.

Porgy and Bess at the Met? Opera.
Tommy at the Meadowlands? Not an opera.

Sure there's gray area. Skiffle musicians in smokey club; not within the gray area.

In any event, it looks like an interesting project.

Here's a link to some video.

And an article with some more visuals and full credits.


Annie Simpson used to work the front desk at The Ink Tank. Everyone had a crush on her.

She's just launched her website. You can see some of paintings and films there.


And another old friend from The Ink Tank, Santiago Cohen, sent this postcard the other day.

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