Sunday, October 25, 2009

November 12, 1987 - Man Should Have Reaction

These notes from Tissa's lecture of 11/12/87 are a little more scattered than previous sets.

They refer to a specific exercise of which we don't have a copy.

Here's on clear note: Extreme perspective should take long so that characters just don't GROW. Don't exaggerate size change.

Action should be purposeful and direct. You can smooth later.

Remember the table is an inanimate object when doing animated zoom.

When you want something to be important (HOLD)

What you do before your action is very important.

Movement (of animal) is more important than whether the legs are correct in action. [my note: I assume this is animating in passes]

Then notes on wheels turning and rain.

And reflecting on a lake (in cel, on a budget).

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