Friday, October 9, 2009

Every Mouth Has Own Personality

I must be chronology impaired, since I keep getting these out a sequence. It shouldn't be all that hard.

Hopefully someone was looking through and got them mixed up. That would prove not only that I'm not chronology impaired, but someone else finds interest in these notes. And that person is chronology impaired.

Notes on lip sync.

I remember someone (who will go unnamed- but they should've known better) asked Tissa how many mouth positions she recommended using. Not to say she got angry, that's not right, but she responded as though the thought really ticked her off. "There are hundreds. Thousands. Every character has a different mouth. Every sound is a different shape."

And here her point is encapsulated: "Animate the body to the sound, then animate lip sinc."

The difference between a running foot and a dancing foot. The dancing foot reminds me of Art Babbit's "Goofy" animation.

Other bits of wisdom: In a fall the body must stay in midair at least 4 frames before the fall or the eye will not register the fall.

Chewing: circle motion inside the face.

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jodie said...

Wait a minute.....there's more than the A-F mouths. Get out of town. Just kidding, thanks again for posting these wonderful notes.