Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ottawa Odds and Ends

Upon return I found that Murray the Cat had taken charge.

On the way up, I made my first stop into a Wal-Mart. They have their own Australian section in the DVDs.

TAC (Television Animation Conference). Lots of people listening. I was both listening and admiring the detailing.

They were led to believe there would be coffee.

People are interested in pumpkins.

Heather, do you know what that means in Canada?
Giant pumpkin. Out to get you.

Another line. Guy says, "Yeah, people are just calling me 'kilt-guy'". Me, "When you go around wearing a kilt you'll get that. Unless you're Robert the Bruce."


OK. So these bugs were in Upstate New York. We'd get them in my neighborhood growing up as well. We'd call them Halloween Bugs and they would swarm the back of their house. I think they're disgusting. They seem really mean spirited. Anybody know what they're called?

Here's the middle of the Thousand Islands Bridge. Right on the US - Canada border.


Alex Reshanov said...

It looks like a Box Elder Bug to me.

And, yes, they're jerks. They ate several neighborhood trees around my childhood home.

MrCachet said...

Box Elder bugs.

MrCachet said...

Box Elder bugs.

roconnor said...

Elliot here at the studio says they also have them in Australia where they call them F*** Bugs.

Liesje said...

I like how almost half of the Wikipedia entry was devoted to how to kill them. Apparently no one likes these little twerps...

LampshadeMan said...

I know that kilt guy! It's Patrick!