Thursday, October 8, 2009

For the Old Dogs

Once upon a time, being a professional artist meant having a bit of "Mr. Wizard" in your daily routine.

Digital technology, for better and worse, has eliminated many of these simple tricks that artists had to employ to get the job done.

I've had to explain something as simple as butt-cutting to at least a dozen people.

I picked this book up several years ago at a Salvation Army. "Studio Tips for artists and graphic designers" by Bill Gray.

It could also be called 1001 Uses for Rubber Cement.

Some things I can't imagine a young artist even attempting -like making "a proportional scaling device" by ruling lines on a grid.

I recall dealing with that sort of thing and one of those round percentile dial when doing a camera move on the photocopier. I even have the vague recollection of being trusted by Tissa to do it properly.

We have AfterEffects now. Who needs that!

This is another interesting entry below: "How to paint a light-colored object against a dark background when painting a transparent watercolor".

Apparently he's never heard of "opacity" on his Photoshop layer! Duh!

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Jack Ruttan said...

I must now go out and buy rubber cement thinner. But heck, I don't even have a yellow wax crayon!