Monday, October 5, 2009

Old Ink Tank Promo

This is a great little promo booklet we produced at The Ink Tank.

The design was by Stefan Sagmeister. The illustration was by Mark Marek.

It's the size of 3/4 inch Umatic tape.

That's how old this is.

It opens on the "information" text.

And folds out for select personnel biographies. Brian's upside down. There's Tissa, Maciek Albrecht and me on the right hand side. The biographies are pretty straight.

It folds out further (note the Inky ear in the scan for reference) and invites you to build your own zoetrope.

Top is Nightmare Factory "Diner" illustrated and animated by James Victore, middle Turner Classic Movies "Thug" animated by Tony Eastman design by Ron Barrett based on logos by Charles S. Anderson, bottom Comedy Central "Top of the hour" designed by Ron Barrett animated by Ed Smith.

Here's the other side: F: Gary Baseman design for USA Today. I'm guessing Ed Smith animated, maybe Tony Eastman -that was from the 80s. G: Mo Willems starring as Flipbook Guy for Flix, animation Tissa David, illustration R. O. Blechman. H: Joost Swarte for MTV, animation by Ed Smith. I: Tissa David's animation of R. O. Blechman for WQXR.

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