Saturday, April 11, 2009


1. Programming Alert.

A segment we did with Steve Brodner is scheduled to broadcast on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow.

It's on 100 Days of Obama.

Speaking of R. O. Blechman, Earlier this week The New York Times ran an Op Art he created .

He created a few dozen of these full page stories when we worked together.  Most were for The New York Times Sunday Book Review.  Those had spots of color which really tied them together visually.  Initially, that was applied in airbrush by Tom Hachtman.  Eventually we would do it in Photoshop.  The color work was fairly simple, so it was really about the masking -ultimately the reproductions in the newspaper would be terrible anyway.

One of his most interesting applications of color was in this limited edition screen print he did in conjunction with the publication of The Life of St. Nicholas.

Here the color is both descriptive (on Nicholas) and environmental.  It is practical and graphic.  Blechman is known for his line and his use of negative space -this is an example of his visual principles applied to color.

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