Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back In Time

Art Bell's 2002 interview with Arnold Leibovit re-broadcast last week. It's online (subscription only).

The producer was appearing to push his re-make of "The Time Machine", but the majority of the hour was spent discussing George Pal.

Leibovit produced and directed the 1985 documentary "The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal" and 1987's "Puppetoon Movie" which is a compilation of Pal's earlier films hosted by Gumby.

More than any other branch of animation, Pal's type of stop motion is "magic". Objects take on life -shoes, clocks, and even the characters resemble toys.

The media is tactile. We relate to them as everyday objects. Our imaginations have already dreamt of our own toys coming to life.

The most inspiring part of Pal's imagination is his seamless leap from "Puppetoons" to "The Time Machine" -there is the mark of artistry.

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