Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Humbug

We're contracting with a cable network to do some pieces about a certain publication.

So things like last night's talk at the Strand with Al Jaffee and Arnold Roth actually counts as "work" and not just entertainment.

They were promoting the Fantagraphics "Humbug" collection. They should go barnstorming with act.

In a conversation moderated by Gary Groth, Roth compared "Humbug" to "Punch" where he did work after the former magazine shut down.

"It was pretty much the same a 'Punch', except everyone there was drunk." He then recounted how the editor there had to spend the morning reiterating all the assignments given out at lunch the day before.

He also discussed a Kurtzman idea for an issue of "Humbug"- a parody of "The New Yorker". He assigned everyone the task of coming up with "unfunny cartoons, the least funny cartoons you can do."

The issue had to be scrapped because no one could come up with anything that wasn't funny.

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