Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pressing Matters

Steve Kerper sent me this the other day:

Just shows, you've got to spend money to make money -especially in something as time and skill intensive as animation.
Here's a behind the scenes on Bob Staake's New Yorker cover.
Bob has worked in animation on some big ticket productions.  His New Yorker covers are just getting better and better, combining great design, illustration, wit and insightful concepts.
inauguration cover was downright moving.

I haven't looked into what this is about, but a very cool video at The New York Times involving the very great William Kentridge.
And speaking of very cool, my lovely and talented friend Kristin Worrell has launched her website.   She's a  sound designer (and musician) and is invited to travel the world doing  groovy and spooky noises for theater.
And no post is complete without some self-promotion.
Nursery University will be starting a run this weekend.  Some shows are already sold out.
Here's some press:  Director Marc Simon in the Huffington Post.
Here's the trailer:

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