Monday, November 24, 2008

Demo Demo

What I like best about having a production company -after the money wrangling from corporate monoliths, never ending insurance bills for things like "domestic terrorism" and minimum wages I bring home -are the trappings of a studio.

Making sample reels, post cards, Christmas cards -the fun stuff.

We've taken to seasonal reworkings of our sample reel. The packaging on our first version was straightforward.

We had to figure out a few things. Design-wise, how to treat the logo against a background. It uses saturated tints of the primaries leaving us few options. The flat yellow was the simplest answer. The logo plays well on this color field.

In the winter we wanted to dial back the palate and stick with the four colors of the logo.

The logo now rests on the lower left hand corner against a blue pulled from the logo's color scheme. A thin white drop separates it. Blue, obviously, for winter.

Here's the inside, with the DVD.

Different media and different applications process and print color in different ways. This is an early unsuccessful test to try to get the tones to match.

This winter reel from last year was our first effort to win the Nobel Prize for Demo Reels.

We built this simple open that plays upon loading the disk.

It lands on this menu.

The snowflakes turn blue as they cross into the white. The animation runs on 3 or 4 minute cycle.

The "about us" and "contact" menu also have little graphics activated upon clicking.

For the summer the packaging got little more cartoony. This is our attempt at being "fun".

The contents of the disk reflect the website design -which is picked up in the graphics of the cover.
Here's what happens when you click contact.

These clips play here without audio. The audio was laid in DVD Studio Pro and I'm too lazy to redo it in an editing software just to upload here.

For our Fall packaging we've retained the same menu setup as the Summer Reel (but changed the contents of the reel as well as the music selections).

Taking off from the Asterisk exhaust of the Summer rocketship, we're using the logo here as a pun. I think it's playful and maintains the emotional integrity of the logo.

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