Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'd Like To Take Credit For This...

In addition to writing this awesome "blog" that 3 people read and making animation and graphics that nobody wants to pay for I teach college students who are too cool to appreciate the hilarious and brilliant things I say.

Several years ago I had a student who was clearly a natural. I've had a several talented students, a few of those were also hard working. They've gone on to a degree of "success" in animation.

Hanne Berkaak, who co-directed this video, transferred to The Royal Academy the year after I taught her. Perhaps she realized that there was nothing more New York could offer. Maybe she felt so gypped by her American education she fled as soon as she could.

You get her coolness and her inventiveness in this piece. Hopefully this will lead to more opportunities for her to show us her rare natural skills as an animator.

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