Friday, November 14, 2008

Idiotic Technology?

*ring* *ring*

Me: Studio.
Phone: Hi. Can I speak to the person who handles your I.T.?
Me: I don't know what that is.
Phone: The person who handles your I. T.
Me: What's I. T.?
Phone: ...
Me: What precisely are you selling?
Phone: We're XYZ Consulting and we're the industry leader in data blah blah blah blah...

I still don't know what "I. T." is. It has something to do with computers. Sounds like middle management for people who don't know how to send e-mail.

I guess I'm our "I. T. guy" whatever the #%&@! that is.

One of our machines decided not to work this week.

As "I. T. guy" I figured it out.

The problem: the "air deflector door". Inside a PowerMac G5 there is a plastic door between the guts of the machine and the external (presumably titanium) access panel.

Through my intrepid "I. T." skills I discovered how to make the computer work. Here's what I did:

I took off the "air deflector door".

Want to see the computer not working?

Place the plastic door in the holding slots at the bottom and the fan on the hard drive shuts off, preventing the machine from starting up.

I'll point out that there is no physical connection between the door and the fan. In fact, the door doesn't attach to any other of part of the machine.

In order to fix Macintosh computers, sometimes you just have to think different.

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