Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Provacative For A Reason

Last night Brian gave a talk to Michael Kantor's class at SVA's documentary film program.

Meanwhile, I was getting some education.  Gail Levin invited me to see Bill Plympton give a talk at the Writer's Guild.

Many of us in New York have seen him talk a number of times, but somehow he always manages to be fresh and entertaining even if he's preaching the same gospel about independent production.

Here told a very funny story of drawing Marilyn Monroe for his friend's high school student council campaign.  Over the loudspeaker the next day he was called to the principal's office as "The pornographer Bill Plympton."  When he returned to his classmates, he was suddenly transformed in their eyes -an "artist".

I mentioned to him that Gail did a documentary on Marilyn Monroe and he -gracious as always -gave her the drawing.

Here's a brief clip from his talk:

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