Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Day

Clearly we're doing something wrong to be so busy, yet so broke.  Next time around, criminal activity (or maybe just politics) will be the way to go.

Thursday we had a shoot for project, yesterday we were the shoot for someone else's project.  A New York based producer for Saudi TV KSA2 did a little profile on the studio.

She was interested in animation's relationship to art -something I can discuss at length, being pithy for a 2:00 profile is another matter.

We did show off some of our work for Infor to demonstrate process.  These are animation drawings (clean ups) by Christina for one of the pieces.


Michael Sporn said...

"Clearly we're doing something wrong to be so busy, yet so broke."

I read that when you first posted it and have come back to it several times since. This is probably my studio's mantra, and I'm only a tiny bit surprised that you're saying the same thing here.

Is it all of 2D animation done in a small studio? Are we underbidding on jobs? Would there be jobs if we didn't bid so low? Isn't it nice to be busy, despite the poverty?

roconnor said...

Those are the questions aren't they?

I have a few thoughts on it, but that may require a longer post.