Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buddha Premiere!

We rarely take the opportunity to showcase our work once it's completed. That's been one of the primary "business" purposes of this blog. To do a little horn-tooting, in addition to sharing our processes and nonsensical thoughts on the field of animation.

Once a project is completed, we've almost always been immediately focused on the next production. Usually, we have 4 or more in production (currently seven in various stages of undress) so the pile of lumber and nails in front is more pressing than the monument to the rear.

Starting last March, we began working with David Grubin on his documentary "The Buddha". Our work finished the second week of December. In that time we created roughly 25 minutes of animation footage.

The program broadcasts tonight at 8:00 on PBS.

We'll be posting links to reviews here. Even the bad ones, although so far nobody's said anything bad about "The Buddha".

The New York Times
Los Angeles Times
United Features Syndicate
Philadelphia Inquirer
Kansas City Star

America Magazine
(the Catholic weekly)
Poughkeepsie Journal

Victoria Advocate (BC)
Austin American Statesman

Pop Matters

Not surprising that many sources barely mention the animation, despite it taking up nearly 1/4 of the film's running time.


Michael Sporn said...

Congratulations, and good luck with the show. It looks divine.

Janet Benn said...

I saw the show last night and I thought your animation was wonderful! Beautiful design and execution. I love the changing patterns and symbols. Some of it reminded me strongly of John Hubley's work and Tissa's animation.

roconnor said...

Thanks Michael and Janet.

Janet, your words are too kind. We hope to some day make work as good as Hubley's and Tissa's, this was just a small step in that direction.

Francis-Olive said...

please tell me a little bit about the stone buddha's head on the cover of grubins 'the buddha'. i would love to know where this carved head lives. thanks!