Monday, December 8, 2008

More Juvenelia

This is really the first thing I animated. "Zoom to the Zoo" was essentially assistant work.

I did this in the mid-nineties, figuring that if I'm going to be working with animators I should have as deep an understanding of their process as possible.

Since I can't draw, I took my friend Sam Henderson's comic strip which is pretty simple to emulate. The goofiness of his characters makes poor draughtsmanship forgivable.

Even at thirty seconds this would be unbearable if not for JZ Barrell's soundtrack.

I'm sharing this with world because I think our studio makes pretty good films. They're collaborative efforts which are the product of the collective strengths of several people. None of us started out with incredible abilities, but through hard work and shared knowledge each person's skills improve their contribution to the final product becomes stronger.


A said...


whats sam up to these days? he still writing for spongebob?

Asterisk Animation said...

Sam still "writes" for Spongebob, in a manner of speaking.

He wakes up in the morning, puts on his Squidward slippers, ties a beach towel around his neck -Batman style and marches the streets of Woodstock chanting "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Who LIVES in a PINEAPPLE under the sea!"