Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering

The Baron of Grill on the corner of 28th and Seventh was turned into something even more useless:

Manhattan is: Starbucks, Cell Phone Store, Duane Reade, Bank, American Apparel on repeat down every avenue. I'm not sure if Bloomberg is to blame or if this decay in quality of life is just another residual of the "Sex in the City" effect - vapid wannabe fashionistas invade the once bohemian Metropolis in search of expensive shoes and iPhones.

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Jonny A said...

It's pretty telling that in NYC we are now on our third or fourth wave of as you aptly put "the Sex and the City effect". So now we get do things like pass by a new T-Mobile shop and say things like "Aww man- I remember back when this was a Old Navy!" and " I can't believe they closed the Barnes and Noble to put up a new Olive Garden". It sort of makes you root for the recession. Go recession!