Friday, August 1, 2008

Imperial Umbrellas

Soon to be gone on 28th Street due to rampant construction.

This is between 6th & Broadway, the very block once known as "Tin Pan Alley".

Two doors over is where George Gershwin had his first teenage job as a "plugger" playing piano for sheet music publishers. Its where he wrote his first hit "Swanee".

Next to that was where William Morris had his first offices booking vaudeville acts nationally.

A few doors down from that is where Emma Goldman published her anarchist magazine Mother Earth.

A couple decades earlier the Imperial Umbrellas address was a dance hall.

If you come visit us by taking the N/R train to Broadway and 28th, you'll be walking the same path that was routinely tread by some of the most important figures in American history.

As for Imperial Umbrellas, they haven't done umbrella repair in a long time. The only person left for that his the great craftsman Gilbert Center who did a repair job on one of our umbrellas few months back.

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