Thursday, July 31, 2008

Naked Campaign - McGaffin

I'll admit, I'm not crazy about the content of this edition of The Naked Campaign for The New Yorker.

The art, as always, is great. The conceit, as usual, is great.

The imagery in the edition is some of our strongest and most cinematic.

The commentary, though, is a little weak and the excellence of the form masks that.

If you watch our earlier piece, Reality Bites, Brodner rightfully attacks the campaign coverage for focusing on stupid things -lapel pins, saluting the flag, late night misstatements, etc.

This was a sharp, smart film.

In our latest piece, we engage in the same "gotcha" reporting that we earlier condemned.

So McCain still says "Czechoslovakia", big deal. Most people over 30 do, even those of us who know the difference between Serbia and Montenegro. Does that really change anything about the way the guy would govern?

The greatest shame of this is that the graphic idea is great, I just think it was wasted on weaker content.

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