Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I enjoy following most sports. You can't reach me on a Sunday in November -and it's not because I'm praying (unless it's for the Cowboys to lose). Why is it that I don't care about the Olympics?

Is it the rampant cheating?

Is is the soulless fakery?

Is it showboating of millionaires over guys who may likely be tortured if they lose?

In any event, as a patriotic American, the Olympics mean one thing to me -the chance to make a buck.

Our friend Steve Kerper sold six "Olympic Minute" scripts to Comedy Central for their Atom Films website.

We knocked out all six in less than four weeks (including voice record). Accordingly (and according to budget) they're all motion graphics. But the artwork, done by my former student ZEES, is nice. I hope to someday actually animate his work.

The voiceover by Dave Kolin is good too. He did everything in one take, with second for "back up" and only one or two third takes. Dave was partners with Kerper on their HBO show "Hardcore TV".

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