Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look at those cavemen go!

Day two of the "Life on Mars" shoot on my front step.

On the way out the door I heard a grip say "In the old days I was a vinegar guy, but you know you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar."

Leaving aside the question of why you're trying to catch flies -you know what draws them best? A big pile of dung.

If I want to catch flies, that's what I use.

I guess that's why he's one of 45 people on a TV shoot, and I've got the "blog" going for me.

It does bug me a little that some tiny cable show can run location sets staffed to the gills for several days and animation crews get jack.

The most successful TV show in human history isn't even made in the United States. It's not like Fox is scraping by to produce the show -without The Simpsons the Fox Network may not exist today, but its still treated like a pair of Nikes when it comes to production. Would NBC allow Seinfeld to make his entire show in China?

Well, probably. But that's a human rights issue. It's better for some pre-teen to work as a gaffer than to pick through coal dust 200 feet underground.

The tight purse strings for animation in comparison to live action isn't just for "big shows". It runs throughout television. Actors get residuals- animators do not. Writers get residuals -unless its for animation.

An animated show always has the potential to reap larger corporate profits than any live action show. Spongebob, Rugrats, Dora, the dog from Blues Clues -any of these have pulled in way more cash for Nickelodeon than Pete and Pete combined with Amanda (unless they did a webcam- then maybe there'd be competition).

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