Monday, August 4, 2008

Goddess of War

The lovely and talented Lauren R. Weinstein had a signing and opening party for the big installation and display she made for Desert Island.

(above) Window installation as seen from Metropolitan Avenue by a crappy photographer.

The book is one of those big comic books that artsy people buy. Those types usually don't read them, but go off the Times Book Review for their information. If they were to crack this open, they'd be shocked by the sex and violence and indians and cowboys.

It's a crazy amalgam of world mythology and 1970s Marvel storylines written with such a detachment you can buy into the mad logic of the narrative. The duotone colored pen and ink artwork is punctuated by several etchings.

I wish she did the whole thing with etchings. Each one tells more story than a twenty page comic book (pictures being worth so many words). They're like Bosch paintings, layer upon layer of chaos shown in an orderly fashion.

The opening was a great time. Desert Island is a terrific store. Lauren is super person.

(above) Lauren invited friends and strangers to make little people running from the Goddess of War's hand. The window has a few dozen great guys. The store is decorated with more. Hopefully, they'll continue to be added as the display stays up.

(above) Lauren signing books. Murray the Cat over her shoulder, nonplussed.

(above) Patrick and Kate Hambrecht in the foreground. It was a pretty big turnout. Maybe 60 people or so.

(above) Tim Hodler in a nice new T-Shirt and Tom Hart in the only one of his father's baseball shirts that didn't have the number "69" on the back. Tom seemed really embarrassed about that.

(above) Jared Whitham made the giant hand for the display.

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