Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cheesy Does It

This another board for the old TeleTV projects we did at The Ink Tank.

The final piece here was a bit of a mishmash. There were a lot of ideas and opinions on what it should be and we tried to incorporate everything.

Ron Barrett did an excellent job as an art director on this film. This board may be drawn by him, he was mimicking the agency art director's drawing style.

The concept in the board is true to the final, albeit some of the details change.

Krystoff Giersz animated the film.  He did a remarkable job on the dinosaur.

Krystoff is one of the most remarkably gift animators I've ever worked with.  At the time his English was pretty poor, but he could speak volumes with his animation.

Impeccable draughtsmanship, versatile stylistically, great great timing.

That was real life Zipatone in that board.

The "spaceship" was probably the second computer generated animation we did.  Tessia Machado created it.  3D in AfterEffects, 1998.

It looked a little like a hunk of cheese.


Fran Krause said...

Now I have a taste for cheese! Your advert was successful.

roconnor said...

I hear the CalArts vending machines are generous with the Cheetos.