Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye, Bye...

Before moving on from the Mogubgub mania, here's Freddie's "American Pie" which I was finally able to get uploaded.

Youtube blocks it for song publishing. I didn't want to upload it to Vimeo because it's not our work. So we put it on our Facebook page, which we use for animation notices as well as self promotion.

This is from a VHS copy of the film. It looks as though it's 16mm print taped off a projection on a wall. Sorry, it's the best quality I can do.

The animation is largely composed from segments of "Make A Wish" (or so I've been told). The clips were mostly done by the long list of artists at the head credits -primarily students/recent grads.

I'd like to know who the guy on the motorcycle was.

The producer was Al Brodax, best known for producing the Beatles Saturday morning cartoon and "The Yellow Submarine".

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