Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Other People's Junk #4

This first image isn't technically "junk".  It's being used at a restaurant in Park Slope.

Burt and Harry Piels clinking glasses.  It's being used as some sort of straw holder.  I guess that's it's intent.

These coasters are not in use (maybe they're pieces of a long broken set).

Pull his string and this Bugs Bunny pleads "Take me with you" in a decidedly un-Mel Blanc voice.

Puzzling Mickey Mouse.

And who you gonna call?  Robot? Star Wars figurines?  Pluto?

Robot, I guess.


Liesje said...

Depends. If it's a ghost problem, you may want to leave the robot at home. All that electromagnetic energy can't be good...

Liesje said...

I'd go with the Great Dane instead.