Monday, July 14, 2008

Social Scene

The closer to depressed I get, the more I go out.

The more I go out, the closer to depressed I get.

This wicked spiral must be twirling beyond control to go out with animation folks. But the short notice visit of the lovely and charming Heather Kenyon from California was enough to get me out. To Bleecker Street, no less.

When I actually socialize with animation folks, its pretty fun despite the stigma.

Maybe it was just a good crew on Friday.

(above) from left Justin Simonich, Xeth Feinberg, David Levy (too fast for the lens), Heather Kenyon, Will Krause.

1 comment:

David B. Levy said...

Handsome devils, all of them, except for that mr. blur guy.
It was fun to catch up with you, ROC.