Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Real Bumps

Was greeted this morning by a leak which collapsed some ceiling. Fortunately, there's no serious damage. It was primarily between two workstations. A Mogubgub cel from the 1960s was water damaged but not too badly, ultimately it'll be a little discoloration in the corner.

These are the sorts of things -leaking roofs, unresponsive supers, broken doors hinges, malfunctioning
printers that wind up devouring loads of time.

This is a time we otherwise would have allotted to working on the updated sample reel.

We'd be making some new bumpers if not being bombarded with maintenance.

These are three current graphics.


Elliot Cowan said...

Who did these?
They're great.
Really, really great.

Michael Sporn said...

#1 is pure aniamtion great. #2 &3 are graphics that don't have the same life. In the time it took to screen them I thought about and was able to figure out how they were done. With #1 I just smiled.

roconnor said...

The third was a test/experiment for a process we were planning in a commission.

The second was in reaction to a request for "70s" graphics.

The first was just inspired.

I worked with a former studio artist to make them. My ideas were terrible, she made them better.

jeremy said...

The first one is amazing! Visceral impact aplenty.