Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Notes - When Is A Hold Not A Hold?

Here are notes from Tissa David's lecture of 7/27/89.

These are little more extensive than the others.

I'll paraphrase. Click any image for a larger view.


Above: Notes on jumping.

"Every motion should be visualized in mind FEELING your motion. Don't copy mirror."

Notes on specific character walks.


above: turns. Head first, shoulder, body. Break up body action into many pieces.

Also can take a step first, then body.


above: drapery

The voice allows you to develop a character.

Timing: 4 frame hold is not a hold, but you will feel it.
8 frames is an extremely short hold. 12 frames is just enough to see. 16 frames feels like a hold.

Lip sync. Dialog. Before you animate listen to the soundtrack figure out where the accent is.

It is better to animate the whole body with the lip sync.


Lip sync: If you must see teeth, darken the corners of the mouth.

Vowels: open the mouth immediately with no inbetween.

Never animate behind a sound always ON or AHEAD (two frames).

Above: more notes on lip synch.


Animate the whole character then add lip sync.

Then notes on chewing and jumping off a diving board.

Finish diving board.

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