Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cab Slide

So we're working on this Cab Calloway film.

The way he moves/dances is incredible.  Here is a two second (50 frame @ 25) sequence of him dancing from one of his Betty Boop films without editorial break ups so you can scroll through.


David Nethery said...

I saw Cab Calloway and his Orchestra at a live performance in 1985, in Los Angeles. At age 78 he could still do those moves. Amazing performer.

Patrick Hambrecht said...

Is the idea, you're going to trace each one, rotoscope Ralph Bakshi style? Or you have to come up with an animated shorthand to sum it up?

roconnor said...

This is being commissioned to connect with The Blues Brothers 30th anniversary (go figure), that was just a few years before you saw him, David.

If that performance is anything to go by -he was a turbine until the end.

Patrick- we're using this as reference. He's got a very idiosyncratic way of moving, so we'll pull one frame every 12 or so and make a drawing based on that. We'll then inbetween the remaining drawings as if it was a standard cartoon.

This is a pretty common process, and given Cab's history of being rotoscoped (the Fleischers used him a few times) we felt it was well in keeping with his character.