Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nursery University in the Hamptons

This weekend Nursery University is making its US premiere at The Hamptons Film Festival.

We did the title design, a few bits of drawn in crayon animation and a couple motion graphics sequences like this:

It was a fun project to work on- even if we did have a roller coaster involvement (at first we were planning on doing about 7 minutes of character animation).

The directors, Marc Simon and Matt Makar are good guys -even if Marc is a lawyer (at least he's not a stockbroker).

The film is pretty compelling. It follows several families and their efforts to get their Manhattanite children into fancy nursery schools. Yes, it's insane. Their insanity probably makes the people even more interesting, and even the craziest people are shown with sympathy. Ultimately, the situation these folks put themselves in derives from fear, aspiration, social status (both climbing and maintaining) and love for their offspring. Marc and Matt do a good job of being both kind and critical.

Oh, these schools cost like $15,000 a year. Those are some fancy coloring books!

So if you're sitting around P. Diddy's pool this weekend looking for some non-booty shaking entertainment, roll with your homies to see our work on Friday or Saturday.

Brian will definitely be there -to keep it real. Rumors have it he may also pose for photos and autographs. I might show, and I'll happily chat with fans but you'll need to get past my goons first (HINT: show some leg).

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