Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can You Believe This - MORE SELF PROMOTION!

Just found out that another documentary we worked on will be having a festival screening next week.

Two Worlds, One Planet was directed by Gail Levin. We did the title design and provided moral support.

It's screening at the Hot Springs Documentary Festival on Monday and Tuesday (10/20 and 10/21).

The film profiles several students from Gateway Academy in Scottsdale, AZ. The school is a refuge for children who have difficulty socializing in standard school environments -they're primarily autistic.

The photography crew followed the kids for a few weeks. I only saw about 20% of the hours upon hours of footage. Most of the kids struck me as pretty normal. Sure some were spazzes, others couldn't stand the touch of paper, and none of them had particular good interpersonal skills. But who does, really? Especially if you're 8 years old and really, really like insects.

My reaction to the kids is colored by my general feeling that children in general are weird and that pre-pubescents are completely inscrutable anyway.

Anyhow, we started to so title design before the film actually had a title.

The working title was "A is for..." We worked up four or five treatments. This is my favorite.

That titles was nixed (as they say in the business) and the film was without a name for a time.

I suggested "Star Children", inspired by a kook I heard on Art Bell rhapsodizing about a new generation of superchildren. This was a great title. I won't go into the many reasons, but foremost is that it could help give shape to the story. All of these kids were performers in one way or another.

The title was too smart, I guess. So they went with "Two Worlds, One Planet", which I kind of like because it makes me think of "Another Girl, Another Planet."

We did several treatments for this too. The wound up going with a standard panning type thing.

But here's what they should've used.

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