Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Reel

We've decided to update and recut our demo reel.

This happens every few months. Here's the first version, initial reactions are welcome.

The oldest piece of work in here is the Kurt Busch "Sharpie" clip (around 1:42). That's from September 2003. The newest is Flava Flav at :23 which is from the forthcoming "Make 'Em Laugh" mini series on PBS.

In five years we've worked on 65 projects. Many of those project we're multiple films (18 pieces for Between The Lions, or over 50 shots for Thirteen/WNET's "Curious", or The Naked Campaign which will have spawned a few dozen two to five minute films, etc.).

In a science show or a documentary each shot can be like its own discreet film -unique design, unique technical approach, self-contained story. If you count these with all the series work we've produced, the number of films we've made in the past 5 years is well over 200. A couple are actually O. K.

We should be freaking millionaires! The world is unjust.


Oscar Grillo said...

Don't worry. In the upcoming depression, producing mindless entertainment, you'll become as rich as Ginger Rogers did in the thirties (or was James Cagney who got rich?...Can't remember)

doug vitarelli said...

hi richard,

i've been loving your blog for a while now. good stuff.
as for the's looking really good when the bush egg appears. it's soft until then.


Asterisk Animation said...

Thanks Doug,

You're the fourth or fifth person to make that observation.

We've done a slight update that's stronger, and I'll be going back into after clearing up some more editorial work.