Monday, June 6, 2011

Video: R. O. and R.

Michael Sporn and others have posted a link to an interview with my great teacher, R. O. Blechman, on the Comics Journal.

Somehow or another reading that combined with whatever other web browsing I've been up to connected me to this series of videos from the Strand with Bob and the lovely and talented R. Sikoryak.

I was there, but I'm an old man, so things like this a good reminders of what I once know.

At the beginning of this video he says "it was only about a year ago I became acquainted with [Harvey Kurtzman's] stuff". He told me the same story about ten years before. I suspect by the early 1970s R. O. had already filed away the work of every illustrator in world history and has used the following years to appreciate them all and add to the list.

This also starts with a great story about doing covers for Story magazine -an important lesson for how to be happy with your work.


Anyone who's interested in illustration, especially students should pay close attention to this talk.

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Michael Sporn said...

Thanks for these videos. RO is always interesting; you never know what he's going to say at these things.