Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dog Walking Dog: Going For Half A Walk

I don't know if this one exactly qualifies as half a walk.


It is only eight drawings and cycles.


It was used in an ABC/Disney video for They Might Be Giants' Here Come the ABCs video series.


As far as work goes, it would have been "easier" to do a Preston Blair standard walk.  There's less thinking involved, though this was pretty intuitive and went quickly.


This was how we thought these guys walked.  The dog walking the dog.  So there were too many other options and it didn't need any more drawings.


Neither this film nor The Stepford Wives film won anything at ASIFA, maybe the jurists were more attuned to bizarre walk cycles than they are today. 


This is a graphic approach to character animation, trying to find interesting manners of movement (which are simple) that convey an attitude -not to be confused with 'tude -using the body form as a configuration of shapes. 

It's ontologically opposite of "the illusion of life".


It is, rather, the admission of the medium.  Instead of applying laws of gravity and biology to the drawings the animation here allows the drawing to dictate the manner of motion.  


This is a pretty simple little walk for all those big words -but that was the thinking behind animating this character in this fashion.

It's very simple, it doesn't try too much.  It's one bit which, I think, succeeds in what it attempts.  As goofy as it is, I'm pretty happy with this little cycle.


Michael Sporn said...

That does qualify as half-a-walk cycle. However, it works well since the art is so blatantly and purposefully two dimensional. But, then, that's just half an opinion.

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