Friday, June 27, 2008

The Big Bad Wolf

Here's one for all the rodent fetishists and coaster enthusiasts out there.

A twelve-page article on The Walt Disney studio from November 1934 "Fortune Magazine".

It includes cost breakdowns of Silly Symphonies and talks about Disney's exclusive contract with Technicolor for their 3 color process.

It also points out that cel painting is "woman's work" and compares Walt to Hitler.

With a several "behind the scenes" photos like this.

I'll admit that given the choice between watching these Disney shorts and just about anything else -I'll choose the latter 99 times out of 100. Disney's machinations, on the other hand, are endlessly intriguing. Their ceaseless dedication to perpetrating their own mythology goes right back to the beginning as evidenced in this Depression-era article.

And the craft, of course, goes without saying. But to be honest, even the most ideal and intricate plumbing or carpentry can only hold my interest for a minute or two.

To download the whole pdf: click here.

1 comment:

Liesje Kraai said...

Hah... I skimmed that article while drying off. The "women's work" comment was great although I did like the caption under that image: "and one third clown." Anyway, not nearly as fun to read as the alien abduction story a few pages later.